Vinland (Candadian) Hammerskin


It started with a Canadian branch of NHS in many major cities across Canada. Over time, things began to go downhill. Members dissapeared, became bikers, got thrown in federal prisons or were murdered. The few that survived this period, decided it was time to end it and begin something new. Montreal, Quebec was the birth place of the Vinland Hammer Skins. Eventually, membership had extended to other parts of the country.

Our main focus is to establish and strenghten contacts and communications with all of Canada. Not just with VHS but between everyone. We do not tolerate infighting and people who bring dirty gossip/business originating from another country into Canada. Having very strict hate laws, this country has enough to put up with. There's no need for some crew vs crew bickering that happened thousands of miles away. We hope to ensure that the scene in Canada, no matter where, is kept under control by those who are nationally recognized as Pro-White activists. We have and we will chase out those who try to destroy what is being built.


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