Swiss Hammerskins


Our history starts in 1988, as we got through the Totenkopf-Magazine in contact with Ed from Bound for Glory and other comrades from the Hammerskins. So we started finally at the 17th of August 1990 the Swiss chapter with the goodwill from the American brothers. In the early years we concentrated us to bring some structures into the movement. Trough our activities in and outside of Switzerland we didn’t just raised in our own country, but we could also open other chapters in European countries. After a lot of Antifa- trouble in 1995 over 70 activist were visited from the police, and the most of them were putted in jail. Even it looked like a hard blow against us, we came out stronger and convinced than before from this situation.


In the following years we organized some bigger events with guests, actors and politicians from all over the world. Among that the anniversary 2000, the opening of your clubhouse with 250 square meters, the first European Hammerfest with over 1000 people (still the biggest event of national activists in Switzerland), the Summerfest which lasted on nearly a week, several seminars and lectures and two great Summercamps for the Hammerskin Nation. 2005 we had our last big event on our 15th anniversary. Unfortunately the government could arrange in the meantime that the landlord of your clubhouse lost his property, and therefore we also our clubhouse. Since 2005 is also the whole scene in a radical change. But we as oldest European chapter with the oldest and most experienced brothers are sure that we will come out also from this change again stronger and bigger like from all the problem before. We take every problem as a chance! Just the best will survive!

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