Midland Hammerskins


In the mid to late 1980's the Hammerskin ideals were born in Dallas, Texas. This in turn resulted in alliances between skinhead crews from across the U.S. giving way to the now infamous regions of CHS, NHS,EHS, and WHS. In the year 2000 it was time to recognize there was a need for proper representation of a somewhat older and partially new region that was to be known as the Midland Hammerskins. Members from Kansas and Missouri who had been active within the region since the early 1990's founded MHS. The intention of the newly constructed region was and is to help promote and represent the current uprise in the central United States. We in MHS feel this region to be necessary to ensure the quality of skinheads in the Midwest and south-central U.S. We will continue to be relevant for some many decades to come. The states included in this region are Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Texas.

-by HZL 88-


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