In Memory of Hammer Joe Rowan

1972 - 1994



Hammer Joe Rowan


“Hammer” Joe Rowan 1972 - 1994

THE FACTS: On Saturday, October 1st, 1994, at approx. 2:15 am, Joe entered a convenience store to purchase beer and food on his way to a gathering after the concert, which ended just 30 minutes earlier. In the store, an argument broke out between Skinheads and 3 blacks, who left the store unharmed. Moments later, one of the blacks re-entered the store with a weapon that he had apparently gotten from the car, and began shooting at the Skinheads inside. Joe was hit in the left side of the mid-section during the ensuing chaos and the bullet passed right through him. He died almost immediately.

The police arrested the suspected gunman, Naseer Ghani, age 19, who was positively identified by several Skinheads. Racine County District Attorney Robert Flancher has stated that “We are convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Ghani did the shooting.” Despite the eyewitness testimonies and detailed statements provided at the scene, Ghani was released from custody on Tuesday, October 4th without formal charges having been laid. At press time, charges still have not been laid. Ghani’s attorney, Racine lawyer Mark Richards, argued that the arrest of Ghani was based on “the unreliable claims of White supremacist witnesses who picked out the first black man they saw.”

In the early morning hours of October 1st, 1994, Joe Rowan was murdered by the enemies of our people on his 22nd birthday. Joe was such a loved brother, father, husband, and son. He was always a soothing presence in such a tulmutuous time. Of the five years I knew Joe I never saw a frown on his face or a negative word exit his lips. He forced us to laugh through our tears and smile through adversity. Who ever could forget his warm smile and reassuring words? As a spokesman for the Hammerskin Nation, he conveyed our message in the most passionate way. He proved we are a proud group but not feeling above other comrades. “Hammer Joe” is a name we shall revere forever.

As a warrior, Joe was without equal. He never backed down verbally or physically no matter how great the odds. When others ran, Joe dug in and fought. Like a rock in the sea, Joe stood firm and unmovable. Joe’s last deed on this earth was fighting the enemy and he died protecting his brothers and sisters who were in harms way. As a man of strong ideals, Joe fought this system that seeks to destroy our Race, always putting the 14 Words above his own comfort and safety. As could be expected, he ran afoul of the system several times, yet he never begged for mercy or turned on his people or his ideals. He fought this system that values gold over blood, the mass over the best, filth over purity, and guilt over pride – to the end.

All of us will forever carry our loss of such a dear comrade. The blood of Joe’s murderer and a million of his kind could never quench the burning pain we feel. But we must realize that Joe paid a price we all must be willing to pay. Joe gave his life so that our people might live. His thoughts were always with the martyrs of our Cause and now he sits in Valhalla waiting for us. Silently or to a member of our kin, let us all renew our oath to fight to the death the system and the people that took our brother from us. To do less would be an insult to Joe’s memory.

Joe is still with us in spirit. Until final victory, he stands with us. Every time we hear his music or we look into the faces of the 2 beautiful WHITE children he helped bring into this world, he is there. Until we take our seats with the gods, remember the words of Bob Mathews: "Defeat never, victory forever!” The true virtues of every devout National Socialist: Honor, Loyalty, and Bravery were Joe’s watchwords. Let us strive in the same. We love you Joe and you will live in our hearts and minds forever. – Richard R.