Hungarian Hammerskins


The Hungarian Hammerskins is official part of the Hammerskin Nation since 2006, but the history of the chapter began in 2002. Our group decided then, to try to join to a well organized and recognized organization. We wanted to raise our voices inside international scene and represent our country there, beside this show higher standards to which Hungarian skinheads could follow in the future. So it was never a question, that if we want to reach these goals, then we should join the HSN. We wrote our intention first to Midland Hammerskins and they refered us to an European chapter, so we got contact with France Hammerskins. The first personal meeting with French and Swiss Brothers came in February 2003. We got the chance to visit the next European Meeting in the spring of the same year. We became an official Prospect chapter in 2004, and we got patched up to members of the HSN in May 2006. The HHS was born! Since 2004 we are annually organizing Joe Rowan memorial gig, with which we are remembering the marthyr of our movement and all of our fallen Sisters and Brothers. It is important to us to invite those kind of bands to these memorial gigs, who are a part of the Hammerskin Nation. An important event in the life of our chapter was the European Summercamp in 2005, which was organized by us, and we spended a memorable week together with our Brothers in Hungary. Next to the things mentioned above the HHS is active and influential part of the skinhead scene in Hungary, our members are playing in different bands, organizing gigs and different events of the movement, supporting our POW’s and try to represent ourselves in all important events. We continue our fight along the governing principle „quality over quantity”, in the spirit of the 14 words for a better future of our Nation and the brotherhood, and our folk, race and homeland.


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